ecvalidation team at the congress in Sękocin Stary

ecvalidation team at the 69th Cosmed, Pharm & Supplements Congress

On 5th -6th September the ecvalidation team took part in the 69th Cosmed, Pharm & Supplements Congress in Sękocin Stary near Warsaw in the Groman Hotel. It was the largest Congress in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and supplement industry, entitled: “Cosmed Pharm & Supplements” Industry 4.0. Life cycle in the pharmaceutical, supplement and cosmetic industries. Effective monitoring. Reduction of production costs.” 

Many technical exhibitors gathered during the conference and the lectures were quite interesting. Overall, the organization of the event was maintained at a high level, including the fact that each company had the opportunity to say a few words about its offer. The ecvalidation team’s booth stood out from the others as it clearly presented the company’s offer and was neat.

During the dinner, Bartosz Kubiak from the ecvalidation team discussed interesting issues raised during the conference with some companies’ CEOs. “We managed to establish some relations with three companies that are to lead to further meetings, which we are looking forward to.” – said Bartosz Kubiak, Validation Leader from the ecvalidation team.

Bartosz Kubiak, Validation Leader at ecvalidation