Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)​

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)​

LIMS-class systems and applications support the daily work of quality control laboratories in organizations from various industries. They are an ideal solution due to their adaptability to user requirements and very high flexibility.

The key to the implementation of the system that will best fit the company is to prepare a proper description of business processes that the system is to support and to write a detailed User Requirement Specification (URS).

Preparation for the implementation of a LIMS-class system in a company is a big challenge for which an interdisciplinary team should be established.

Therefore, the ecvalidation team is ready to support you in the field of validation services for any LIMS-class system implemented in your company.

LIMS-class systems are used in every organization that has a quality control laboratory within its structures. Regardless of the industry, data quality and the ability to easily find and identify it is an important element of any control or audit.

LIMS provides support for business processes implemented in the following areas:

Security and control (audit)

Data management

Control and measurement of equipment management

Warehouse management

Sample lifecycle

Project management

Procurement management

Scheduling / Planning


Calibrators and reagents

Deviation management

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