Responsibility and warranties in the validation process

Validation and qualification deal with sensitive stages of manufacturing processes, therefore trust and a guarantee of due diligence are of utmost importance. In performing validation and qualification processes, eConsulting assumes responsibility for compliance of work with applicable norms, laws and standards, as well as for any tests performed or documents delivered.


We ensure:

Actions agreed on with the client will be performed with the utmost care

Work will be performed in line with applicable laws, regulations and standards

We guarantee 100% compliance during audits

Documents will be prepared and tests performed in compliance with the GDP methodology.

An experienced team, whose members know and understand GxPs and the specificity of the pharmaceutical industry


As a minimum, our accountability towards the client includes:

Accountability for the documents prepared

Accountability for the documents reviewed

Accountability for the tests administered

Accountability for the test results

Accountability for the meeting of the deadlines for validation works

Accountability for compliance of the work performed with applicable laws, regulations and standards

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