eCValidation at Pharmap 2023 Conference in Switzerland!

ecvalidation pharmap 2023 conference

eCValidation at Pharmap 2023 Conference in Switzerland!

On June 12th to 13th we had the pleasure of participating at the prestigious Pharmap 2023 Conference in beautiful Geneva, Switzerland! 

Michał Timler, our Validation Business Unit Director hosted a lecture where he discussed the topic of “How to effectively speed up the validation process using agile methodology and DevValOps tool”. 

DevValOps is our new cutting-edge solution for efficient delivery of validated software that offers unparalleled benefits. It provides validation information within existing development tools and CI/CD pipelines, based on our knowledge and experience in Life Science. By implementing DevValOps, you can streamline your processes, minimize the risk of errors, and significantly reduce the overhead associated with validation documentation.

DevValOps offers several key benefits:

  • better quality control with repeatable and autonomous tests and reports,
  • faster time to market thanks to instantaneous QA feedback,
  • cost reduction by eliminating laborious manual work, 
  • lowering friction of onboarding new team members with a standardized process.

We would like to thank all the attendees who joined us for the lecture and visited our booth. We look forward to meeting you again at upcoming events!